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Stay domestic,Online Doctor Consultation Hyderabad while we bring the healthcare to you through our online consultation


India is recording increasingly COVID-19 cases because the days skip. New and deadlier traces of the virus are springing from all instructions. This approach we do not have any choice but to stay inside the secure confines of our houses. However, this does not mean you have to be devoid of essential healthcare throughout those difficult times. Contact RedHeal for any of your health problems and we are able to offer on line session from the satisfactory specialists to you right from the protection and luxury of your homes.


Why RedHeal for Online Doctor Consultation?

In times of grave dangers like stepping out of the home addition design consultation house and being among people, gaining access to quality healthcare is a serious issue. However, that does not mean one have to be disadvantaged of it.


So, RedHeal devised a plan to deliver healthcare to you through an Online Doctor Consultation. While there are many gamers inside the marketplace today who’ve claimed to connect you with the fine medical doctors online, Here’s why you need to agree with RedHeal’s Online Doctor Consultation along with your fitness.


RedHeal has a devoted team that caters for your every medical attention directly over a name or electronic mail and publications you to the fine clinical expert primarily based on your fitness situation.
Through Redheal’s Online Doctor Consultation, you furthermore mght have access to a extensive range of fitness professionals and experts, whom you could now not be able to meet at once.
We ensure complete privacy and expert conduct of your fitness records and analysis.
Availing RedHeal’s Online Doctor Consultation is as simple as selecting up your cellphone and dialing a call (to us), as we can be checking the supply of health experts primarily based to your requirements and reserving the perfect time for you.
Unlike different Online Doctor Consultations, RedHeal charges a nominal and price-powerful charge.

Is Online Doctor Consultation reliable?


Yes, of path. Online Doctor Consultation is each bit as reliable as an in-character physician consultation. Here are a few statistics to realize approximately Online Doctor Consultation:

An Online Doctor Consultation is arranged with live health professionals both over a name or via video.
Since you get a professional diagnosis absolutely, you do not chance your self catching any illness by means of stepping out of your private home.
Through Online Doctor Consultation, you have got a higher danger of identifying your signs and in flip, the root purpose as healthcare service may be very on hand as opposed to really trying to find a fitness treatment online.
All our Online Doctor Consultations include a valid medical prescription that can be shown at any pharmacy to avail drugs.
Our Online Doctor Consultation additionally comes with a unfastened 7-day follow-up publish-consultation.
To upload to RedHeal’s authenticity, we observe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and now have certified via Startup India.


What specializations does RedHeal provide Online Doctor Consultation for?

RedHeal affords Online Doctor Consultation for nearly all your fitness problems. Below are some of the pinnacle specializations we cater to:


Gynaecology or Gynecology is a scientific area associated with the health of the woman reproductive device. RedHeal presents Online Doctor Consultation for any of your Gynecological fitness disorders starting from Pelvic and Menstruation Disorders to Family Planning and Infertility. Even if you aren’t certain of your fitness circumstance or ailment, supply us a call and we can join you with a number of the top Gynecologists in Hyderabad to get the health issue cleared for you.



Ophthalmology is the scientific field this is related to the fitness and prognosis of eye and visual disorder. RedHeal presents Online Doctor Consultation for any of you Ophthalmological scientific problems that variety from Glaucoma and Cataracts to Complex Surgical Procedures and Reconstructive Procedures. Contact RedHeal for any of your eye health related issues and we can join you certainly with one of the best Ophthalmologists in Hyderabad.


General Health

General Health or health problems are handled by using a General Physician, who’s an professional in handling all non-surgical fitness situations. RedHeal offers Online Doctor Consultation for any of your General health troubles, which variety from Cardiovascular fitness problems to Respiratory problems. Contact RedHeal for any of your accepted health problems and we are able to join you honestly with one of the fine General Physicians in Hyderabad.


Dentistry (Oral Health)

Dentistry is the sector of drugs that offers with the health of tooth and different oral health associated troubles. RedHeal offers Online Doctor Consultation for any of your oral fitness and Dental troubles that variety from Advanced Gum Treatments and Toothaches to Braces Treatment and Tooth accidents. Contact RedHeal for any of your Dental health troubles and we will connect you actually with one of the pleasant Dentists in Hyderabad.