Virtual Reality Without Borders or Which Applications use This Technologies


Virtual reality technology is used in dozens of different spheres, helping to get information and impressions, increase experience or just have fun. It all started with computer games, then moved into the field of online livecasino, and then other areas noticed the prospects of technology.

Many people have already been guests of virtual reality parks and virtual halls of the best live casinos. It’s time to see what benefits this technology can bring in other areas.

Art and culture

New tools in the virtual space open up a sea of options for creativity, for example, visual, as in the form of a freelance artist. Or with reference to a specific style, let’s say graffiti. You paint virtual walls and practice the skill without fear for the legality of actions and the safety of work.

With the help of VR, you can learn more about significant historical events. Detailed events, reconstruction of dialogues, your direct participation – isn’t this the form of a time machine that many science fiction writers dreamed of? Will you try to survive the events of the death of the Titanic? In art, immersion in virtual reality allows you to understand the museum space or works in a new way.

Tourism and entertainment

Perhaps you are madly eager to conquer the peaks of the Himalayas, but you cannot climb there for health or other reasons. Or maybe you dream of seeing a gondola ride in Venice, but your budget will not pull such a trip. In such cases, virtual tours can open the world to those who do not have the opportunity to see it in real life.

Google has created a ready—made set of 500 virtual expeditions. Expeditions kit, which complements such virtual trips with useful knowledge.

The control of the quadcopter drone has become more interactive after the ability to control using VR helmets was added. Admit it, everyone dreams of flying like a bird. Here’s your chance!

Going to the water park is already a boring activity, but with VR you can add even more madness: so, it was decided in the German Galaxy Erding park. There, before descending, you put on special waterproof glasses and are transported to another reality.

Real estate and shops

Imagine such a scenario: you want to buy an apartment. But riding around the city and looking at options is exhausting. Without leaving the sales office and saving your time and sellers’ resources, you can now look at houses and apartments or office premises in VR.

In addition to the interior itself, tours and reviews of the premises are supplemented with infographics. This is useful not only in sales but also for architects, builders, interior designers.


Even at the early stages of the technology’s formation, surveys showed that people were waiting for the VR space to be able to spend time together with other participants. And when such opportunities appeared, they became super-popular. A special place is occupied by the application, where millions of active users communicate in the scenery of many worlds, ranging from a hall shiny with officiousness to a space station somewhere on the outskirts of the universe.

VR is also suitable for more formal and business communication: seminars and conferences are transferred to the virtual space. The presentation is uploaded to a virtual screen, and users from all over the world discuss the topic together or listen to the speaker.

This is the format of presence used in the bestlive casino games. The guests who puts on VR glasses is transferred to a real gaming room. Here they can fully take part in the gameplay. The developers are also working so that virtual guests can communicate with each other and real people in the hall, not just watch.